ICRA Solutions is aware that more bids and specs for hospital construction projects are calling for contractors to have Infection Control knowledge.  Therefore ICRA Solutions has created ICRA I Construction in Healthcare Facilities Workshop with an optional ICRA I Certification Exam.  We host these workshops virtually and in person throughout the year making them readily available when this need arises.  ICRA Solutions also hosts various workshops throughout the year to help you obtain a top level of certification for healthcare construction. 

Is your company is about to start a new hospital project and would like to get their project team all on the same page and up to date with the latest ICRA guidelines and current code standards needed to properly perform the project?  ICRA Solutions provides an 8-hour training at a desired facility of your choice.  ICRA Solutions enjoys gathering the General Contractor and their trades (sub-contractors) as well as some of the hospitals personnel under one roof to determine the main goals of the project and keep the projects running smoothly. 

“ICRA Solution Private Training came to project site in San Angelo, Texas to provide our project team including our trade partners with the knowledge for us to provide our Healthcare client with the infection controls that are required. The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and was given in a very effective means. They obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing this training.”

Glenn Wineinger | MEP Manager
Hoar Construction


ICRA Solutions recently opened a warehouse in Atlanta serving the Entire United States! We have items from air scrubbers to fire rated poly, and the best price in town on what we all use on a daily basis; STICKY MATS!! And much more.  We will help you source items like Edge Guard, Tilt Trucks, and other materials that you may not have time to search for but need the best pricing possible!

‘We use ICRA solutions frequently as a trusted partner in providing us all of our ICRA project needs. Amy provides great pricing, speedy turnaround times, and always friendly service, truly the best in the industry!’

Nick Walder


Petry-Kuhne Company

During construction, contractors must follow Infection Control Risk Assessment processes using the ICRA Risk Class Matrix.

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Upcoming ICRA I Construction in Healthcare Facilities Workshops

With Icra Solutions, you will gain an understanding of the latest compliance issues in health care construction, and learn what owners, staff, and patients expect of constructors working in the health care environment. Click the link above to find our upcoming dates and locations. This program is designed for all genres of contractors and hospital personnel looking to increase their knowledge of planning, design, and construction in a hospital environment.

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