When performing work in a hospital contractors and hospital personnel must follow Infection Control Risk Assessment processes using the ICRA Risk Class Matrix.  Click on the link below to view the ICRA Matrix & Infection Control Construction Permit.  If you are a hospital, these are great resources to add to your PCRA/ICRA forms.  

ICRA Matrix & Infection Control Construction Permit

To understand the who, what and why's of ICRA, click on the CDC Guidelines below for a full explanation. 

NEW ICRA 2.0 Matrix Referenced from ASHE

This Matrix is a new version of the ICRA Matrix. always use the ICRA Matrix of hospital that you are currently working on.

CDC Guidelines For Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities

Does your team lack ICRA knowledge?
We can help - inquire about private training

Let ICRA Solutions come to you! ICRA Solutions has been successful in sending our trainers to your facility/hospital and performing a 1-2 day workshop for hospital personnel involved in implementing ICRA guidelines during projects and construction at your facility. Gathering personnel to learn the procedure and policy for implementing ICRA protocol in their day to day makes them feel a since of confidence and security when performing the work.  

We go over everything from the “Why” to the “What if’s” if ICRA Guidelines are not followed and help personnel determine what ICRA measures should be taken based on the scope of work needed for certain projects. We personalize the training to meet your specific hospital needs.  We also can use your ICRA policies & forms within the presentation leaving personnel who did not understand proper protocol feeling much more at ease and educated.

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