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Purchase your ICRA Equipment for healthcare projects with the touch of a button. ICRA Solutions knows time is money when it comes to projects going on, in and around hospitals. We have taken out the guesswork and created a portal with only infection control items needed to keep your job site compliant and fast moving. ICRA Solutions strives to get dust control and containment items to you quickly and efficiently, while remaining price point savy. If you are concerned that you do not have all items that meet your ICRA requirements, click here to access the ICRA Matrix.

If you do not see an item that your project requires, either email us at or call us at 678-412-5132 and our customer service department will become your personal “in-house” materials manager/provider!

*ICRA Solutions accepts job numbers and/or purchase order numbers as a form of payment as long as you are a hospital or contractor with established credit. If you do not have credit with us but would like to apply, click here to complete our credit application. Once complete, scan/email to