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ICRA Solutions wants to help hospital personnel in Engineering, Facilities, Construction, and Plant Operations, have access to ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering) workshops throughout the year.  We host the Healthcare Construction Certificate Workshop (HCC), the Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) Exam Review and optional Exam, the Certified Hospital Facility Manager (CHFM) Exam Review and optional Exam, and the ASHE Managing Infection Prevention During the Construction & Operation of Healthcare Facilities. These workshops are great for CEU’s (Continuing Education Credits) as well.

Private ICRA Training - Catered for YOU!

Let ICRA Solutions come to you! ICRA Solutions has been successful in sending our trainers to your facility/hospital and performing a 1-2 day workshop for hospital personnel involved in implementing ICRA guidelines during projects and construction at your facility. Gathering personnel to learn the procedure and policy for implementing ICRA protocol in their day to day makes them feel a since of confidence and security when performing the work.  

We go over everything from the “Why” to the “What if’s” if ICRA Guidelines are not followed and help personnel determine what ICRA measures should be taken based on the scope of work needed for certain projects. We personalize the training to meet your specific hospital needs.  We also can use your ICRA policies & forms within the presentation leaving personnel who did not understand proper protocol feeling much more at ease and educated.

“We cannot speak more highly of the training, professionalism, and service ICRA Solutions has provided to Swedish Medical Center. Amy Walker and her trainer worked with us to design a customized training program, "Maintenance and Construction in Healthcare Facilities" for SMC. All aspects of the training were spot-on and emphasized the importance of the Pre-Construction Risk Assessment program and Infection Control Risk Assessment process to patient and caregiver safety. Our caregivers received the program so well that we are hosting our second session bringing in additional caregivers and our contractor partners. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ICRA Solutions in the future!”

- Lauren K. Purnell, Facilities Operations Program Manager, Swedish Medical Center
- Jeff Solvang, Construction Compliance Specialist, Swedish Medical Center

Upcoming Hosted ASHE Workshops


ICRA Solutions recently opened a warehouse in Atlanta serving the Entire United States! We have items from air scrubbers to fire rated poly, and the best price in town on what we all use on a daily basis; STICKY MATS!! And much more.  We will help you source items like Edge Guard, Tilt Trucks, and other materials that you may not have time to search for but need the best pricing possible!

During construction, contractors must follow Infection Control Risk Assessment processes using the ICRA Risk Class Matrix.

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